Stories change cities.

Since the 1920s, New York has been known as the city that never sleeps; a place people go to chase their dreams; to struggle till they find success. Stories helped build this perception, stories such as two movies released with the title ‘The City That Never Sleeps’; Frank Sinatra’s song ‘New York, New York’; and the Sex in the City television series – a consistent flow of stories and content perpetuating this theme. Recently, a new type of story has emerged, changing this busy image of New York to a more personal, intimate perception of the city. ‘Humans of New York’ is an intimate exploration of New York residents, introducing a richer, more diverse perspective of New York. Both styles of storytelling continue to attract new residents and visitors to New York, strengthening the identity of the world city.

Unfortunately for many towns and cities, in recent times there has been an unhealthy balance of stories focused on crime, economic troubles, water shortage and lack of transparency, resulting in low level of confidence in the community and hesitation from potential residents to move to and grow the city.

We always have the opportunity to change a perception of our cities through stories; positive stories promoting the rich lifestyle experienced by our residents, stories about innovation, passion and commitment, stories to help establish a positive identity for our city, especially for the millennial and z generations who are seeking a brighter future.

What does our city want to be known for? What stories can we tell to influence and lead this change? What do we need to achieve this?

Stories change cities. And we produce the stories.  

What stories will you share today?

(Photo: Photo by DAVID ILIFF)

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