I enjoy composing music, especially short pieces that are great for social media content. If you’re looking for music to use in your documentaries, news reports and non-profit projects feel free to browse and download from my library. Content is available under the Creative Commons 4.0 license. When you publish videos which use my music please include my name in the credits and a link back to this website.


  • Most files are .wav 44.1khz (therefore previews may take a few seconds to load depending on your internet connection), others are mp3 format,
  • If you need longer than 30 seconds simply edit and loop sections of the music.


Torakina magic

This category contains magical music that seems to work with almost any human interest style story or documentary.

It’s the result of regular jam sessions with musicians: Ian Brunskill, Matt Hill, Matt Curnock, Alex Salvador, Rebecca McHutchinson, myself and occasionally Dave Gaylard and Dean Miller. Many others would drop in to our sessions to play and add their life and musical experiences to the mix.