I’m a thinker and doer; if there’s a problem or challenge, I like to find a solution. I’m analytical and creative and utilise different skills and knowledge depending on what needs to be achieved. As a result, the following are the most common titles used by peers and clients to describe what I do.

  • Master storyteller
  • Entrepreneur
  • Content producer (filmmaker, photographer, writer)
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Marketer
  • CMS developer
  • Mentor
  • Motivational speaker
  • Workshop facilitator
  • Digital nomad
  • Team leader / project director
  • Relationship strategist
  • Business developer
  • Community manager
  • Social media strategist
  • Behavioural engineer / social engineer (the good kind)
  • Musician / sound guy
  • Producer

Recent comments from colleagues, clients and customers.

“You’ve helped me to understand systems, processes, people, communication, community engagement, automation, business development and more in whole new ways. You’ve also listened to me and offered advice. I can’t thank you enough for these things, Michael. You’ve brought an amazing array of skills and experiences to the team, and you’ve shared those things with great generosity. You’re genuinely curious about the people in our team, and the work they do, and you offer help and insights with tact, patience and sensitivity. You’ve managed to shape our collective thinking in a new, positive way, in a relatively short time. That’s been inspirational.”

  • Warren Cheetham, Planning & Business Development Team Coordinator, Townsville City Council.

“Your introduction at the ‘Communities Built to Last, D is for Disruption’ program was inspirational! You reminded me about the wonders of being a parent, and actually helped me refocus on what is important.”

  • Councillor Colleen Doyle, Townsville City Council.

Michael has greatly expanded my knowledge of marketing and community engagement. His enthusiasm and interest in his work is contagious, and I learn something new each time I work with him. His knowledge benefits my team (customer experience) as a whole, and encourages us to pursue our interests in marketing. As a result, our team actively engages in events and activities, and feels confident to share ideas. Michael is an inspiration to everyone he works with, as his approachable nature and enthusiasm sparks many interesting conversations and brainstorming sessions!”

  • Tegan Zurbo, Customer Experience Officer, Townsville City Council.

“Through our discussions you’ve helped me with thinking about the bigger picture stuff. On several occasions our quick hallway catch ups have helped to give me a different perspective on things, I value the insight and ideas you’ve provided. You have a sharp mind and great critical thinking skills. I’m impressed by how you setup sprints for team members to focus on specific tasks and that you have the balls to “give it a go’ and see what happens.”

  • Neal Thorley, Digital Services Administrator, Townsville City Council.

“I like that you challenge me at times and make me think about why we do things or asking the ‘what now?’ I value your expertise and advice about anything work related, you have so much experience and knowledge across a range of different areas.”

  • Caitlin Single, Business Development Officer, Townsville City Council.

“Obviously the video was amazing. It really helped others to understand one part of the job we do, helping to start conversations internally and externally about F5F our aims etc. You did such a great job of putting me at my ease during the interview and an incredible job of making my words so much more with your editing. You inspire in so many ways – Your positive approach. Your TRUE no silos style of working. Your passion for the community, knowing what they want and how we can help achieve that.”

  • Nikki Kerswell, First Five Forever Team, CityLibraries Townsville.

“Michael helped me with my projects as the go-to person when I needed help in light of marketing strategies and relationship building. For example, when I was looking for judges for the Short Story Competition, he gave me some contacts who are familiar with children’s literature and its development. It really helped me to get to know the local authors and how I should approach them. The team trust Michael’s specialist advice from his experience and knowledge. His advice is always sought from a fair point of view as well. It helps when there are different opinions within the team. Michael’s calming relaxing nature eases myself especially when I am overwhelmed with my work.”

  • Nana Onishi, Planner – Adult Programs Planner, Townsville City Council.

“You use a personal human component which has resulted in very moving presentations and positive reactions / feedback by your colleagues and the public. You show a genuine interest in people and have been proactive in bringing out their unique personalities and strengths which is reflected in your high quality of work.”

  • Chris Brimble, Learning and Information Officer, Townsville City Council.

“As a trainee I was nervous coming into the role, this being my first job. You have provided a comfortable environment where I feel confident in my ability to use the training given to improve my photography and work on my social media posting. I find it helpful that you are open to questions whether in person or on the phone. You are an inspiration to many staff including myself because of your different ways of thinking when it comes to marketing. An emphasis on stories is something I hope to focus on more as I progress in my role and it is great to have someone who is passionate about being engaged with the community as a mentor.”

  • Brendan Dodd, Digital Trainee, Townsville City Council.

At this point in time, contact me through Townsville City Council, watch content I’ve produced by searching ‘Michael Bromage’, and find out what I’m working on now.

What remarkable thing would you like to achieve today?

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