Cool facts


  • Has had his work broadcast in multiple countries and in different languages to millions of people, online and through traditional media
  • Has helped people produce their own stories which have been broadcast nationally and internationally
  • Was a digital nomad and explored more than 30 countries (and has been to Timbuktu and back)
  • Enjoys playing football (soccer)
  • Has published a novel (and is working on a new book)
  • Is a proud father of a curious and energetic young girl
  • Is a Clarion Award winner
  • Has been a professional musician
  • Has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Likes meeting people and collaborating on good ideas
  • Enjoys films directed by Wes Anderson and Christopher Nolan
  • Enjoys the thoughts of Seth Godin, Derek Siver, Tim Urban and Tim Ferriss
  • Has had a story voted up to the second highest position on reddit – the front page of the internet – causing a reddit hug that crashed the ABC website
  • Enjoys reading biographies

Quote from Larry Page

“I don’t think we’re doing a good job as a society deciding what things are really important to do,” Page said. “I think like we’re just not educating people in this kind of general way. You should have a pretty broad engineering and scientific background. You should have some leadership training or knowledge how to run things, organise stuff, and raise money. I don’t think most people are doing that, and it’s a big problem. Engineers are usually trained in a very fixed area. When you’re able to think in all of these disciplines together, you kind of think differently and can dream of much crazier things and how they might work. I think that’s really an important thing for the world. That’s how we make progress.” – Larry Page, Google co-founder and CEO. Excerpt from the book: Elon Musk. How the billionaire and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is shaping our future. By Ashlee Vance. 

Yes, I want to watch free original videos

Make a cup of tea and enjoy a series of short collaborative stories from the archives.

Credits: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Son.

Credits: Gordon.

Credits: Nikki.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be caught in a cyclone?

Credits: The house that shook.

A couple of short films made during my digital nomad days.

And an excerpt from Killer Jellyfish

I survived an irukandji jellyfish sting when I was a teenager. Uncannily, years later, I worked on a documentary featuring irukandji jellyfish for the Discovery Channel.