Michael Bromage

Michael Bromage helps people, brands and organisations do remarkable* things. People often utilise his skills and knowledge to:

  • Produce digital content (video, photography, writing, radio, music, sound)
  • Connect with, engage, retain and empower targeted groups in the community
  • Nurture and grow social media accounts
  • Facilitate the organisation and promotion of events
  • Motivate teams
  • Present workshops
  • Faciliate collaboration between multiple groups of people
  • Develop business plans, strategies and resources

You can contact him through CityLibraries Townsville and watch films he’s produced in places such as ABC Open.

*Remarkable means different things for different people. For one person it could be learning to read English; for another person it could be influencing social changes; and for another it’s developing the confidence to start a business. What remarkable thing would you like to do with your life?