I’m currently working with CityLibraries Townsville, helping the organisation adjust to a more agile organisational structure. I am a member of the library’s Planning and Business Development team and help drive discovery, development, and communications for 70 staff serving a region of 190,000 residents.

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“Many people in the world see libraries as an incumbent institution gradually becoming irrelevant in the digital age.

I challenge this belief.

Truth is, libraries are incubators for social confidence, angel investors for the connection economy, and a collective pulse for their community’s well-being.

Libraries are a social bridge between government and private citizen, where information, trust and influence flows both ways.

Libraries are evolving and adapting as the world changes. 

We need confident leaders to understand and resource this truth. I am one of those leaders.”

Key objectives include helping the entire library team (and broader city council team):

  • Align all services, products, events and resources to be more effective for serving the community.
  • Implement a customer focused approach to providing products, services and asset development, leveraging off the new operational structure.
  • Developing and nurturing relationships and partnerships with customer groups; listening to and understanding, curation of information/data, and development of engagement and business development strategies to benefit the organisation, local council, customer groups and partners.
  • Producing content, products and services with a focus on the digital sharing/connection economy to benefit the organisation, community and customer groups in a sustainable way.

My official title is Community Engagement and Communications Officer of the Planning and Business Development team, and my time is divided by:

  • Planning and Business Development. Contribute to the development of resources, project plans and strategic partnerships/relationships that support community needs, library operations and local government initiatives, which contribute to improving CityLibraries Townsville and the local council’s effectiveness in its business. (30%)
  • Community Manager. Engaging with the community to develop and curate a rich understanding of community needs, desires, habits, behaviours and world-views that will benefit the community, library and local government products, services and events through richer relationships. (30%)
  • Content Producer/Marketer. The production of inspirational and provocative storytelling and digital content. (30%)
  • Mentor. Mentoring staff. (10%)

CityLibraries Townsville

Contrary to traditional perspectives, work is personal and purposeful.

My guiding motivation for working with our council is to help form strategic partnerships/relationships (local, state, national, international) that will help empower our residents and business to increase their own capacity so they can improve quality of life for themselves, their families, their peers, and build a more prosperous city.

This includes the motivation to see Townsville as a leading city of innovation in the Asia Pacific, with a bias towards the digital/connection economy, and a brighter future for people living in the tropics.

My mantras

  • Do it first, better or differently.
  • Automate and generate.
  • Make it simple and effective.

Industry peers

  • For community management: Richard Millington of FeverBee has extensive experience
  • For business development: McKinsey & Company team always provide valuable insight
  • For practical marketing philosophy: Seth Godin leads the way